After a lengthy meeting Tuesday, the founders of Arbella Brewing Company decided to change course in the development of the brewery. Inspired by their unicorn spirit guides, whose names that have now officially taken on, the brewers plan on making the best beer they possibly can “while maintaining the glee and magic of unicorns and […]

The brewers from Arbella are donating their newest IPA to the FUGUE art show at The Best Art Gallery on Alberta! Info about the event here: If you’re over 21, the beer is free so don’t miss out on some awesome Cuban art and delicious hoppy goodness (well I guess if you’re not 21 you […]

Henry Schmidt, part of the Arbella Brewing family, was in a tragic accident late last week. He has been in wonderful care at the OHSU medical facilities, and is in good spirits. His enthusiasm and persistence has inspired us all, and should be a model to everyone. Henry’s recovery will be long and difficult, but he […]

Check out some bottles we had made up for a local event!

Three stunning logos from three extremely talented artists have been chosen. Check them out here! Thank you to everyone who submitted a logo, and to all of you who voted and helped make the decision. Now it’s time for SWAG!!!

Thank you to everyone who submitted logos for our contest! Now it’s time for the masses (you guys) to help us decide what images should represent our brewery. With great power comes great responsibility. Take it on. Vote HERE! (Note, you gotta be a fan of our page to access this and vote)

Today is the last day of the logo contest! If you are still hoping to submit a logo but don’t think you can get it in today, contact us as to give us a heads up. Even if you’re not submitting a logo, you can have a chance to make a difference for Arbella. […]